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Nathan Snelgrove
Written by Nathan Snelgrove · Last updated July 10, 2017
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Running a business can be expensive. CRMs, email marketing apps, payment processing services, and your website itself all have a subscription—and it starts to add up.

vCita simplifies all that down to one app. Instead of managing all these tools with separate apps, vCita pulls it all together. You can build a landing page, add new clients to your CRM, then market to them with emails and SMS messages all from one app.

If all this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. But vCita’s interface keeps it all manageable. You’ll start by going through a quick questionnaire that identifies what you want from your account right away. If you came to vCita looking for a CRM and website widget, say, vCita will recommend the free plan and spend the next few minutes guiding you through the CRM and website widget setup.

Once you’ve got the hang of things, setting up the rest of the app is easy. Within ten minutes, I’d set up my CRM, created an online landing page and client portal, and integrated my Google Calendar so clients could book appointments online.

The CRM has one particularly useful feature: It lets you easily tag your contacts with relevant details, and sort them by tag. If you’re a web designer or marketer, you can sort clients by tags like “SEO” or “e-commerce”. After you’ve collected a small group of leads tagged “SEO” from your website widget, vCita can send only those clients an email campaign asking them to enrol for your online seminar about SEO.

Editing an email campaign is simple too. Build your campaign with a live, real-time preview that changes as you type, with templates to style your messages, then send them to anyone in your CRM.

Similarly, creating a landing page is a piece of cake. You can customize everything from the images (with one of vCita’s stock images or your own) to the colours, and add relevant offers to the page to convince people to sign up. Your landing page can also help clients book appointments (which are synced with your calendar of choice), and pay you online. Even if you have no confidence in creating a webpage, it’s similar enough to editing a pre-designed page layout in Word that you wouldn’t need to hire somebody to manage it for you.

Or, if you have a website, you can use vCita with it just as easily. In a couple clicks, I took everything I set up and added it to a floating widget on my WordPress website. This widget lets clients book an appointment or add themselves to my mailing list, both of which automatically adds their info to my CRM. I’m immediately notified of new leads and can choose how to act on it from there.

And that’s where the power of vCita lives. As a web designer and developer, I’m always helping my clients set up services like this. But vCita empowers them to do it all, without any help. It’s a set of apps that lets you market your company, gather new leads, and continue marketing to them—tools that together help grow your business online on your own.

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vCita Features

  • Manage clients, their next steps, along with documents and conversations in a CRM
  • Sync business calendar synced with online appointment booking
  • Bill and invoice customers
  • Let clients manage appointments and share info in a client portal
  • Build a landing page for your services, or embed a widget in your site to capture leads
  • iOS and Android apps available

vCita Pricing

  • Free 14-day trial, no credit card required
  • $24/month - Essentials plan: single user, business management app (clients, calendar, billing & documents), up to 1k clients
  • $49/month - Business plan: 1-5 users, "Essentials" features plus: email and SMS marketing, team calendar, text reminders, and third party integrations, up to 5k clients
  • $79/month - Platinum plan: 1-5 users, "Business" features plus:staff roles and permissions, client routing automation, custom notifications, unlimited clients, premium support

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