Add bugs on TargetProcess for new tasks on Teamwork

Feeling like your TargetProcess pipeline is always lagging behind the work on Teamwork when it comes to bugs? Try putting this Teamwork TargetProcess integration to work for you. When you do, every new task added to Teamwork will also create a corresponding bug on TargetProcess, automating the workflow between the two. So leave the data-shuffling to us and focus on squashing any bugs that come up instead.

How It Works

  1. A new task is added on Teamwork
  2. Zapier automatically adds a bug on TargetProcess

What You Need

  • Teamwork account
  • TargetProcess account
Add bugs on TargetProcess for new tasks on Teamwork
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Teamwork Projects is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.

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Targetprocess is a Visual Management Software.

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