SurveySparrow Integrations

  • Save new SurveySparrow responses to Google Sheets

    Manually entering your survey responses into a spreadsheet is a tedious task. However, Zapier smoothly solves this issue in no time! When new SurveySparrow responses are received, it is directly pushed into rows in Google Sheets. Get your survey data laid out neat and clean.

    How this SurveySparrow-Google Sheets integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. Zapier adds the responses to new rows in Google Sheet

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • Google Sheets
  • Get notifications in Slack for new SurveySparrow responses

    You no longer have to wait around the clock checking for survey responses. With this Zapier integration, you'll get notified in Slack when new survey responses are submitted. Sit back, relax and watch the responses roll in.

    How this SurveySparrow-Slack integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. Zapier notifies you in Slack

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • Slack
  • Subscribe new SurveySparrow respondents to a MailChimp list

    Save all the time spent in manually adding new SurveySparrow respondents to your MailChimp subscriber list. This Zapier integration takes care of it all, effortlessly. After you set it up, new SurveySparrow respondents are automatically added to the MailChimp subscriber list. That way, you can keep track of new contacts, follow-up, and improve.

    How this SurveySparrow-MailChimp integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. Zapier adds the respondent to MailChimp subscriber list

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • MailChimp
  • Add cards to Trello boards for new SurveySparrow responses

    Very often, after collecting feedback, a follow-up with your customers is crucial. This Zapier integration makes it easy to create Trello cards based on new SurveySparrow responses. In this manner, you can easily identify the responses which require follow-ups and then engage with them.

    How this SurveySparrow-Trello integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. Zapier adds a new Trello card

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • Trello
  • Send SurveySparrow event feedback survey to Eventbrite attendees

    Wish to know how well your event fared? This Zapier integration ensures that, by collecting feedback from the attendees themselves. Post-event surveys are sent to Eventbrite attendees and feedback is collected proficiently. Host a better event next time around!

    How this Eventbrite-SurveySparrow integration works

    1. A new attendee checks into an event via Eventbrite
    2. Zapier sends event feedback survey with SurveySparrow

    Apps involved

    • Eventbrite
    • SurveySparrow
  • Create Salesforce contacts for new SurveySparrow responses

    Why invest time in manually adding new contacts to Salesforce for every new SurveySparrow response! This Zapier integration ensures this task is done hassle-free. Bid farewell to juggling between tools, save your time and efforts!

    How this SurveySparrow-Salesforce integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. Zapier adds new contacts to your Salesforce account

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • Salesforce
  • Create or update contacts to HubSpot for new SurveySparrow responses

    When new survey responses are submitted, wouldn’t it be great if the contacts are created or updated in your HubSpot account? Zapier will save you all the time and effort with this integration. See your survey respondents added to HubSpot contacts; engage, & follow-up with them!

    How this SurveySparrow-HubSpot integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. A new contact is created or an existing one gets updated in HubSpot

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • HubSpot
  • Create Zendesk tickets from new SurveySparrow responses

    Each new respondent is a potential prospect, and each customer is valuable. With this integration, Zapier helps you create Zendesk contacts when survey responses get entered in SurveySparrow. Create tickets, follow-up, and interact better with your customers.

    How this SurveySparrow-Zendesk integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. A ticket is created in Zendesk

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • Zendesk
  • Add users to Intercom for new SurveySparrow responses

    Every customer is important. Interact with your customers better and do a regular follow-up with them using this Zapier integration. For new SurveySparrow respondents, a user is created in Intercom. Get your contacts organized like never before!

    How this SurveySparrow-Intercom integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. A new user is created or updated in Intercom

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • Intercom
  • Create or update leads in Marketo based on new SurveySparrow responses

    It is crucial to laser-focus and capture every potential lead that comes your way. Zapier ensures that you don’t miss out on a single lead. For every new SurveySparrow response, leads get created or existing ones are updated in Marketo. Grab every lead and boost your revenue & business.

    How this SurveySparrow-Marketo integration works

    1. You receive a new SurveySparrow response
    2. A new lead is created or existing one updated in Marketo

    Apps involved

    • SurveySparrow
    • Marketo
  • Subscribe new SurveySparrow respondents to an AWeber list

    Avoid the costly delays between when someone responds to your survey and your follow-up engagement. Instantaneously add those respondents to your AWeber account and automatically start sending them relevant email content. This Zapier integration will create a new AWeber subscriber whenever a new survey response is received in SurveySparrow.

    How it works

    1. A new survey response is received in SurveySparrow.
    2. Zapier creates a new AWeber subscriber based on the information provided.

    What you need

    • SurveySparrow account
    • AWeber account

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SurveySparrow Integration Details

Launched on Zapier July 28, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Submission") and Actions (like "Create Contact") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following SurveySparrow Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create Contact

Creates a new contact in your active contacts list.

Share Survey

Sends a saved survey email share template to the provided email recipient

New Submission

Triggers when a survey receives a new submission.

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