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Add transactions in Wave for new Stripe sales

  1. When this happensStep 1: New Charge

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Record Sale

When you make online sales and process with Stripe, you need to also record the income in Wave to keep your bookkeeping up to date. This integration will create an Income transaction in Wave for each new Stripe payment processed, ensuring that your online captured sales are correctly recorded in Wave. Sales income and payment card processing fees are captured separately, so you have fully accurate records.

Note: This integration is for Sale transactions only. Refunds should continue to be processed manually. For Wave customers outside the USA and Canada who use Stripe directly within Wave to capture invoice payments, we recommend configuring your online card processing so that online sales are distinguishable from payments of Wave invoices, and adding a Filter step to exclude transactions processed through Wave invoice payments, so that sales are not double-counted.

How this Stripe-Wave integration works

  1. You process a card payment using Stripe
  2. Zapier adds an income transaction in Wave.

Apps involved

  • Stripe
  • Wave
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