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What SoundCloud Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Post by User I Follow - Triggers when a user you follow on SoundCloud shares a track.
  • New Track I Like - Triggers when you like a new track on SoundCloud.

Supported Actions#

  • None yet!

How To Get Started With SoundCloud

Get started using SoundCloud in your Zaps by choosing the trigger or action you want.

Choose a SoundCloud trigger or action

Next, you'll need to connect your SoundCloud account to Zapier. Start by clicking the "Connect a SoundCloud Account" button. Connect Soundcloud to Zapier

Give your account a name so you can easily recognize it later. Name your connected SoundCloud account

Once you click "Continue", a new window will popup where SoundCloud is asking for your permission to connect with Zapier. Click the "Connect" button. Give Zapier permission to connect to SoundCloud

The popup window will close, and your SoundCloud account should now be connected and ready to use in your Zaps! SoundCloud ready to use on Zapier

Common Problems with SoundCloud

The track playcount I see on Zapier does not match what is shown on the SoundCloud website#

There is a known bug with the SoundCloud API that causes trigger data to always return an inaccurate playcount value. The value is consistently lower than what you see on the SoundCloud website, and sadly there is no apparent fix at the moment.

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