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Nathan Snelgrove
Written by Nathan SnelgroveLast updated September 7, 2017

It’s hard to schedule meetings—far harder than it should be. We’re all inundated with email, and going back and forth to pick up a time is difficult and time-consuming. This is especially true with leads that come from your website. When you're booking an appointment with someone new, perhaps in a different time zone, it's difficult to settle on a time that works for everyone.

ScheduleOnce aims to fix all that.

ScheduleOnce is an all-in-one scheduling tool that integrates with your website, CRM, and calendar. While most online scheduling tools are one-trick ponies, ScheduleOnce aims to be the tool that connects all the disparate tools in your client management toolbox.

Setting up ScheduleOnce couldn’t be easier. Their setup wizard walks you through the process immediately after you sign up. During the setup, ScheduleOnce integrates with your calendar. The app can automatically connect with Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCloud—something most calendar apps don't offer, especially with iCloud.

ScheduleOnce also takes this opportunity to integrate with your CRM of choice. Out of the box, Salesforce interacts with Salesforce and Infusionsoft. ScheduleOnce generates new contacts (based on your specific workflow needs) in these CRM apps every time a form gets filled. If you don’t use Salesforce or Infusionsoft, ScheduleOnce also integrates with Zapier and there’s a good chance you can use ScheduleOnce integrations to connect any other favorite CRM.

ScheduleOnce also integrates with your website, allowing you to customize a booking widget, form embed, or button to get signups right from your website. They’re all impressively customizable, but they require you to be comfortable copying and pasting Javascript into your website. It can also integrate with your email server (on an Enterprise plan or higher) to send email from your own domain. And finally, ScheduleOnce integrates with PayPal for payment collection—though no sign of Stripe or other payment processing services yet.

The details out of the way, it's time to customize your booking pages. This is where ScheduleOnce shines. You can set up several different options within a booking form, with location (including a digital option for online meetings), time zones, hours, and everything else you’d expect from a service like this.

You can also create Master Pages to group selected booking forms together. This creates some interesting opportunities. Let’s say you ran a design company different departments: one for branding, one for web design, and one for advertising. You could create a form for each one that integrates with different sales teams or directors, and link them all together with a Master Page.

When you embed or share the link to a Master Page, your potential clients and customers can select whether they want to talk about their brand, website, or advertising. From there, they can interact with the specific individual forms you created.

Or say you're a sole practitioner at a health clinic. If you operate out of two health clinics, you could create a form each one and let your clients select the clinic closest to them before booking based on your availability.

Or, if you offer multiple event types, you could create a form for each one and allow clients to select the event type they need. You could use forms to select different fixed meeting lengths for each event type, and set each event type at a different price as well. You can even group event types by categories, if you manage a large office with multiple practitioners. (You can even use the round robin booking method to keep staff busy.)

And, to top if off, each booking form is white labelled so you can adjust it to match your business’ branding—whether the form is filled out on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

When your customers fill out a form, they answer a brief questionnaire about what the meeting is going to be about. You can customize that, too, so you get exactly the information you need from clients. (As examples, this would be a great place to ask about medical history for a clinic, or about car details for a mechanic.)

After a meeting is booked, both you and your client get the meeting added to your calendar of choice. You can integrate the meeting into CRM software to create leads, clients, or cases. In addition to Salesforce and Infusionsoft, Zapier will allow you to integrate with CRMs like Hubspot, Insightly, Wealthbox, Zoho, Highrise, and many more.

ScheduleOnce uses CRM integrations to let you create contacts, but you can also create sales pipelines and automate your tasks with each new contact. You can even create mailing lists with ease, so you can easily develop relationships with people you’ve met with.

A scheduling app has to make it easy to book appointments, and most of them do that. What makes ScheduleOnce special is that it thinks through the full customer relationship. Its booking pages are powerful, but its CRM integrations are truly impressive and keep you from juggling your CRM and your calendar. ScheduleOnce helps busy people like you and me schedule things only, well, once.

Have any feedback on this overview, or something we should change? Let us know!

ScheduleOnce Features

  • Create powerful scheduling forms to book appointments with locations, services, or people
  • Automatically save appointments in your calendar app of choice
  • Embed booking forms on your website, or share them as web links
  • Integrate your CRM and generate leads for each booking
  • Manage your bookings and staff with round robins assignment, pooled availability, workload management, and more
  • Collect payments online
  • Remind customers of upcoming appointments via SMS or email

ScheduleOnce Pricing

  • $7.50/month per user billed annually on the Basic plan for one booking page per user, unlimited bookings, and Zapier integration
  • $15.80/month per user billed annually on the Professional plan for two booking pages per user, with multiple event types, website integration, and more
  • $32.50/month per user billed annually on the Enterprise plan for three booking pages per user, pooled availability, advanced customization options, and more

Add additional booking pages for $5.80/month per page

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