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It starts with your project goals, which Projectplace calls Activities. You'll add them in the main Plan view, which shows a list of activities on the left and a Gantt chart overview of the timeframes on the right. Add each broad activity, then give the first (or last) a start and due date. Drag and drop activities into the order you want, add their dependencies (the activities that must be completed before and after the one you have selected), and then add duration to each other activity. That's enough for Projectplace to add a schedule to each activity, and turn it into a full Gantt chart diagram of your project's broad timeline.

Now it's time to add tasks, and for that, you'll turn to the Board view. Here, in a standard Kanban-style layout, you'll see columns for Planned, Working On, and Done, the default status for your tasks. You can add more status or change those if you want, then set Work in Progress (or WIP) limits to cap how many tasks can be in each column at once. Status are your Kanban columns, then the activities are listed in rows under the columns, to track the progress of tasks across activities.

Tasks, as you'd expect, are treated as cards on your customized kanban board. You'll likely add them in the first column, complete with labels, comments, assignments, sub-tasks, and everything else you need to get them done. Then, drag them through the status columns as you work through your task processes, and send them along to the next activity if they're tasks that take up the entirety of your project. You can make detailed, project-long workflows this way that track every stage of a task's progress, or you can keep tasks combined to individual sections of your project—either way you want.

You'll likely have multiple projects going on at once, and Projectplace can handle those too. On your dashboard, you'll see your assigned tasks from across projects, jump straight into the boards you've looked at most frequently, and even add personal todos for a simple way to keep up with everything you have to do. And if you can't get it all done, re-scheduling to tomorrow just takes dragging a task down to the Tomorrow slot.

When your projects are time and process constrained, you don't have to pick between Kanban and Gantt charts anymore. Projectplace combines them both together in a seamless workflow that helps you schedule your projects, take each task through its own steps, and get everything shipped by your deadlines.

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