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Like other transactional email services, Postmark includes an API with code snippets and libraries for popular languages and platforms so you can easily integrate it into your site and app. Or, if you're using a native app that lets you input your own SMTP server info, you can just use Postmark's SMTP server to send messages. It shouldn't take long at all to get your messages being sent through it.

Then, you'll start immediately getting Postmark's benefits. It stores 45 days of email logs, so you can search through your history to see what emails were sent, who received them, and which messages bounced or were marked as spam. There's recipient tracking that'll show you profiles of each person who received an email from you, complete with a list of the messages they read, their email client and platform, and more. And, there's campaign tracking that'll show combined stats for each email campaign you send, so you can see separately how your welcome emails, drip messages, receipts, and more perform.

If you like that, you just might want to spend a bit more time with Postmark's API, because you can pull all of this data into your own app using the Postmark API. That way, you can log all of your email sending history, if you'd like, or build your own system for dealing with emails that bounce or are marked as spam.

Bounces and spam are the things you worry about, but there's one other type of notification you might like to receive: incoming messages. You could just have them forwarded to another email inbox for someone on your team to check later, but Postmark gives you a smarter way to deal with incoming messages. It'll parse your messages, turn them into JSON, and send them to you in its API. Then, you can use your own code to filter them as you want, perhaps even auto-responding to simple messages or intelligently routing emails to the person who's best to respond.

With 5 server locations around the world—three in the US, one in Amsterdam and another in Singapore—your Postmark messages will be sent out fast, no matter where your recipients live. And you'll be able to worry about building a great app, without having to worry if your emails will get automatically sent to your customers' spam box.

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