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Google Sheets

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Facebook Lead Ads

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6 Integrations

Connect Postmark to 2,000+ Apps

  • Post on Slack whenever a Postmark email bounces

    Postmark + Slack

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  • Re-send Postmark emails when they bounce


  • Send Postmark emails for updated rows on Google Sheets

    Google Sheets + Postmark

  • Add new bounced Postmark emails to Google Sheets

    Postmark + Google Sheets

  • Send a Postmark email whenever an RSS feed is updated

    RSS by Zapier + Postmark

Postmark Integration Details

The following Postmark Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantNew Inbound Message

When a message is sent to a Postmark Inbound address, it is parsed into JSON fields. Capture those fields using a custom Zapier url.

InstantNew Email Open

When a message sent from Postmark is set to track opens, you can be notified via the Opens webhook.

InstantNew Bounce

If an email sent from Postmark bounces because of a delivery issue, you may be notified of that bounce right away by setting up a Bounce Webhook.


Send an Email

Sends an email through the Postmark Server that was verified with your X-Postmark-Server-Token.

Send Email With Template

Send an email using a Template associated with your Postmark Account.

Connect Postmark to 2,000+ Apps