Send SMTP emails for new Podio actions

Having a hard time keeping up with a fast-paced changing setup in Podio? Rather than running around trying to catch every change, why not try some Zapier automation? Once you set up this Zap, every time there is a new action on Podio an email will be sent out through SMTP with all the necessary information, so you and anyone else who needs to know can stay on top of things without wasting any time.

How It Works

  1. A new action is performed in Podio
  2. Zapier automatically sends an SMTP email

What You Need

  • SMTP email account
  • Podio account
Send SMTP emails for new Podio actions
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Podio is a collaborative work platform that's perfect for managing projects, teams, and anything else in your business that needs flexible apps that work the way you do.

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SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is an Internet standard for email transmission available in Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! products among millions of mail servers worldwide.

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