Add Pinterest board pins to Podio

Now you can use Pinterest to collaborate with your team on new project ideas! Use this automation, and each time you add a new pin to a selected board on Pinterest, Zapier will create a new item in Podio. Communicate with your team as you make new discoveries, and fill your Podio dashboard with the ideas you've pinned to Pinterest.

How It Works

  1. Pin to a selected board on Pinterest
  2. Zapier creates a new item in Podio

What You Need

  • Pinterest account
  • Podio account
Add Pinterest board pins to Podio
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Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas that more than 100 million people around the world use every month to get more creative in their everyday lives. Save images and videos ("Pins") to curated collections ("Boards") from any website, or upload your own. Build your online presence and grow your audience by sharing your visual catalog, and track what your audience thinks through their Likes and repins.

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Podio is a collaborative work platform that's perfect for managing projects, teams, and anything else in your business that needs flexible apps that work the way you do.

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