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How to Get Started with Pinterest on Zapier

How to Get Started with Pinterest on Zapier

To get started with Pinterest on Zapier, first you will need to click to connect your Pinterest account to use with your Zap.

Click to connect Pinterest

You'll now be asked to log into your Pinterest account (unless you are already logged in)

Login to Pinterest

Finally, you will be asked to give Zapier permission to access your account. Click “OK” to continue.

Authorize Pinterest on Zapier

If all steps were successful your Pinterest account will now be successfully connected.

Pinterest connection successful

Popular Things To Do With Pinterest

  • Pin your new Instagram posts on Pinterest

    Instagram + Pinterest

    Try It
  • Share Facebook Page posts on Pinterest

    Facebook Pages + Pinterest

  • Add new Pinterest Pins to a Trello board

    Pinterest + Trello

  • Share new WordPress posts on Pinterest

    WordPress + Pinterest

  • Add Pins to your Pinterest boards from new RSS feed items

    RSS by Zapier + Pinterest

  • Create Evernote notes from Pinterest Pins

    Pinterest + Evernote

Common Problems with Pinterest

I can't find one of my boards

Check to see if your board is marked as secret on Pinterest. Unfortunately, secret boards will not be available in the zap, so you'll need to make the boards public in order to trigger off of them.

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