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Subscribe new Optix users to a MailChimp list

Optix + Mailchimp

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Share a welcome post in your Slack’s general channel for a new Optix user

Optix + Slack

Add new Optix users to HubSpot CRM as contacts

Optix + HubSpot CRM

Create Xero invoices for new Optix invoice payments

Optix + Xero + Xero

Add new Optix users to Google Contacts

Optix + Google Contacts

Optix Integration Details

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The following Optix Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantCancelled Plan Subscription

Triggers when a user or team plan subscription is cancelled or has ended.

InstantMember Booking Cancelled

Triggers when a member booking has been cancelled.

InstantNew Member Booking

Triggers when there is a new venue member booking.

InstantNew Member

Triggers when a new member is added to a venue.

InstantNew Plan Subscription

Triggers when a user or team is subscribed to a plan. And when a new user is added to an individual team plan.

InstantNew Issue

Triggers when a user reports a new issue.

InstantMember Booking Changed

Triggers when a member booking has been updated.

InstantNew Member Check-In

A member checks into venue.

InstantNew Member Support Request

Triggers when a member asks a question to the venue host.

InstantNew Invoice Payment

Triggers when a member pays an invoice.

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