Moskit + Typeform

Create Moskit contacts from new Typeform entries

  1. When this happens

    Step 1: New Entry

  2. Then do this

    Step 2: Create Contact

Is there any better way to use Typeform than to capture leads and surveys? But its not easy to send them to your CRM, that takes a lot of manual work! With this integration, you can automatically send Typeform entries as contacts in Moskit CRM and save you a lot of time.

How It Works

  1. You have a new Typeform entry
  2. Zapier creates a new Moskit contact

What You Need

  • Moskit account
  • Typeform account

Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
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About Moskit

Moskit CRM works hard for our customers to achieve new goals and have impactful results with contact management, deals and opportunities. O Moskit CRM trabalha duro para que os clientes conquistem novos objetivos e tenham um resultado de impacto com a gestão de contatos, empresas e oportunidades.
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  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
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About Typeform

Typeform helps you ask awesomely online! If you ever need to run a survey, questionnaire, form, contest etc... Typeform will help you achieve it beautifully across all devices, every time, using its next generation platform.
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