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  • Post a notification when a guest with a birthday arrives

    Mews + Formatter by Zapier + Slack

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  • Create Mews tasks daily

    Schedule by Zapier + Mews

  • Create Mews tasks for new reservation events in Mews


  • Add new Mews customer events to Mailchimp as subscribers


  • Get informed about space blocks in Mews with Slack messages

    Mews + Slack

Mews Integration Details

Launched on Zapier:

The following Mews Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


New Customer Event

Triggers when the customer even occurs such as new customer is added or customer is updated.

New Accounting Item

Triggers when there is a new Accounting Item.

New Space Block Event

Triggers when space is out of order or house use space block.

New Reservation Event

Triggers when the reservation event occurs such as a new booking, check in or check out.

New Company Event

Triggers when a new company is added.


Create Reservation

Creates a reservation.

Create Order

Creates an order.

Add Reservation Companion

Adds a customer as a companion to the reservation. Succeeds only if there is space for the new companion (count of current companions is less than AdultCount + ChildCount).

Update Customer

Updates a customer.

Create Customer

Creates a customer.

Add Customer File

Attaches the specified file to the customer profile.

Create New Task

Creates new task.


Search Bill by Id

Finds an existing bill in Mews by unique identifier.

Search for Current Rate Prices

Finds the price of a rate for the defined interval in Mews.

Search Customer by Email, Id or Name.

Finds an existing customer in Mews.

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