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How to Get Started with Mautic on Zapier

When you start creating a Mautic Zap, you will be asked to connect your Mautic account.

Click to connect Mautic

When you click connect, you will then be asked to enter your Mautic username and password.

Mautic username and password

If those steps were correct, you'll get sent back to your Zap where you will now have your Mautic account successfully connected!

 Mautic connection successfull

Popular Things to do with Mautic

Add contacts to Mautic when you receive new emails via Gmail [Business Gmail Accounts Only]

Gmail + Mautic

Try It

Subscribe new New Facebook Lead Ads submissions as Mautic contacts

Facebook Lead Ads + Mautic

Subscribe new Eventbrite attendees to Mautic as contacts

Eventbrite + Mautic

Subscribe new Google Contacts to Mautic

Google Contacts + Mautic

Subscribe new Intercom users to Mautic

Intercom + Mautic

Get Slack notifications for new Mautic form submissions

Mautic + Slack

Common Problems with Mautic on Zapier

Does the account need any special account permissions?#

There is no need to install any additional plugin to your Mautic instance. Zapier works with the API and webhooks already available within Mautic. This Zapier integration use Basic Authentication to access Mautic API. It is disabled by default so enable this first.

  • Open the admin menu
  • Go to Mautic's global configuration
  • Go to API Settings
  • Set API enabled? to Yes.
  • Set Enable HTTP basic auth? to Yes.
  • Save the configuration.

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