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    LiveWebinar Integration Details

    Launched on Zapier:

    The following LiveWebinar Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


    InstantWebinar Create

    Triggers when a new webinar or meeting is created.

    InstantNew Registrant

    Triggers when new registrant registers to your webinar.

    InstantSub-Account Create

    Triggers when a new sub-account is created under your account.

    InstantSub-Account Status Disable

    Triggers when your sub-account status is disabled.

    InstantSub-Account Update

    Triggers when your sub-account details changes.

    InstantWebinar Status Disable

    Triggered when webinar status changes to disabled.

    InstantWebinar Update

    Triggers when a webinars details changes.

    InstantNew Lead

    Triggered when someone fills in the Lead form before entering your webinar.

    InstantWebinar Recording Ready

    Triggers when a recording of your webinar is post-processed and ready for download. Based on this trigger you can download it to you FTP server or upload to Vimeo/YouTube.

    InstantSub-Account Delete

    Triggers when sub-account is deleted.

    InstantSub-Account Status Enable

    Triggers when your sub-account is enabled

    InstantWebinar Delete

    Triggers when a webinar is cancelled / deleted.

    InstantWebinar Status Enable

    Triggers when webinar status is changed to enable.


    Create New Registrant

    Creates a new registrant to your webinar. Will also trigger "New Registrant" event.

    Create New Webinar

    Creates new Webinar based on your input. Triggers "Webinar Create" event.

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