KIRIM.EMAIL Integrations

  • Subscribe new Google Forms submissions to KIRIM.EMAIL

    Email addresses collected from your Google Forms are very important for your business, but downloading them and uploading them to your email tool can be painful. Using this Google From-KIRIM.EMAIL integration, email addresses collected from Google Forms submissions will automatically be subscribed to KIRIM.EMAIL. Never manually import emails again!

    How It Works

    1. You have a new response to your Google Form s
    2. Zapier creates a new KIRIM.EMAIL subscriber

    Apps involved

    • Google Forms Account
    • KIRIM.EMAIL Account
  • Create KIRIM.EMAIL subscribers for new paid Shopify orders

    Adding customer emails to KIRIM.EMAIL takes time. With this integration you can update your email lists automatically. Zapier will help you to create KIRIM.EMAIL subcribers when you get new paid orders in Shopify.

    How this Shopify-KIRIM.EMAIL integration works

    1. A paid order is created in Shopify
    2. Zapier subscribes the customer to a KIRIM.EMAIL list

    Apps involved

    • Shopify
  • Add subscribers to KIRIM.EMAIL from new or updated rows in Google Sheets

    Zapier will help you to add subcribers to your KIIRM.EMAIL list when they get added to a new row in a spreadsheet. This integration work great with Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets.

    How this Google Sheets-KIRIM.EMAIL integration works:

    1. A row is added or updated in Google Sheets
    2. Zapier creates a new subscriber to KIRIM.EMAIL

    Apps involved

    • Google Sheets
  • Add new Google Contacts contacts as subscribers to KIRIM.EMAIL

    Zapier will automatically add new Google Contacts to your KIRIM.EMAIL when they are added to Google Contacts. This allows you to spend less time keeping your lists in syc and more time working on your business.

    How this Google Contacts-KIRIM.EMAIL integration works

    1. Add new contacts to Google Contacts
    2. Zapier automatically adds them to KIRIM.EMAIL

    Apps involved

    • Google Contacts
  • Add new KIRIM.EMAIL subscribers from new Gmail emails

    When you create this zap, your contacts will never miss out on your latest updates. After this zap created, Zapier will add new emails from Gmail as subscribers to your KIRIM.EMAIL list.

    How this Gmail-KIRIM.EMAIL integration works

    1. A new email is received on Gmail
    2. Zapier automation adds a subscriber on KIRIM.EMAIL

    Apps involved

    • Gmail Account
    • KIRIM.EMAIL Account
  • Subscribe new Facebook Lead Ads leads to a KIRIM.EMAIL list

    Getting in touch with Facebook Lead Ads as soon as possible can help you close mor sales. With this integration you can automatically add new Facebook Lead Ad leads to a KIRIM.EMAIL list.

    How this Facebook Lead Ads-KIRIM.EMAIL integration works

    1. Someone fills out one of your Facebook Lead Ads
    2. Zapier adds that individual to a specified list in KIRIM.EMAIL

    Apps involved

    • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Add new Shopify orders to KIRIM.EMAIL as new subscribers

    This integration will help you to automatically add subscribers to your email campaign. When a new order is placed in Shopify, Zapier will add a new subscriber to KIRIM.EMAIL.

    How this Shopify-KIRIM.EMAIL integration works

    1. A new order is placed in Shopify
    2. Zapier adds a new subscriber in KIRIM.EMAIL List

    Apps involved

    • Shopify Account
    • KIRIM.EMAIL Account
  • Add new ManyChat subscribers as new subscribers to KIRIM.EMAIL

    If you use ManyChat for Facebook Page bot, you must use this integration. This integration will help to automatically add every ManyChat subscriber to your KIRIM.EMAIL subscriber.

    How this ManyChat-KIRIM.EMAIL integration works

    1. New or Updated Custom User Field with email address
    2. Zapier creates or updates a Subscriber in KIRIM.EMAIL

    Apps involved

    • ManyChat
  • Unsubscribe new Google Forms respondents from KIRIM.EMAIL

    Let Zapier help you with automated mailing list management. After this Google Forms-KIRIM.EMAIL integration is fully set up, we'll automatically capture new Google Forms respondents and unsubscribe them from your mailing list so you can segment those leads as needed. Never worry about sending an unnecessary email again!

    How it Works

    1. A new response is submitted on Google Forms
    2. Zapier removes a subscriber from KIRIM.EMAIL

    Apps involved

    • Google Forms
  • Automatically subscribe new PayPal customers to a KIRIM.EMAIL list

    With this integration, building relationships with your customers will be much easier. With this PayPal-KIRIM.EMAIL integration, you'll automatically add members to your mailing list in KIRIM.EMAIL when a successful sale is made through PayPal. Ensure your customers are always followed up with!

    How It Works

    1. A new sale is made in PayPal
    2. Zapier will copy the customers' details to a KIRIM.EMAIL list of your choice

    Apps involved

    • PayPal

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KIRIM.EMAIL Integration Details

Launched on Zapier January 26, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Subscriber") and Actions (like "Remove Subscriber") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following KIRIM.EMAIL Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

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