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Jira Tutorial

Jira Software is a project management tool that's designed primarily for Agile software development teams, but its many features make it versatile enough to support various types of teams, methodologies, and workflows. And while Jira's versatility is one of its standout features, it also makes getting started with the tool...

Bruce Waynewright

Connect Jira Software Server to 2,000+ Apps

  • Create Trello cards from new Jira issues

    Jira Software Server + Trello

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  • Add new JIRA issues to Asana as tasks

    Jira Software Server + Asana

  • Create Jira issues from new Google Forms responses

    Google Forms + Jira Software Server

  • Add new JIRA issues to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Jira Software Server + Google Sheets

  • Get Slack notifications for new Jira issues

    Jira Software Server + Slack