Create Manifestly checklist runs from new Intercom users

Welcome your new Intercom users using the same standard process every time. Now with the help of Zapier, you can be certain your new user onboarding checklist will be run for each and every new user. Create a checklist run in your Manifestly account for each new user in your Intercom account, and never worry about forgetting to dot an I or cross a T again.

Note: You'll need to first create a Manifestly checklist you wish to run for this integration.

How It Works

  1. Someone becomes a user in Intercom
  2. Zapier automatically launches your new user checklist in Manifestly

What You Need

  • Intercom account
  • Manifestly account
Create Manifestly checklist runs from new Intercom users
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Intercom is a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. It's a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team—including sales, marketing, product, and support. Intercom's products enable targeted communication with customers on your website, inside your web and mobile apps, and by email.

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Manifestly checklist software improves collaboration and accountability in your organization's recurring processes.

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