Create Help Scout conversations for new Skubana orders

Want to get more proactive with customer service? With this Zapier automation activated, you can instantly create a new Help Scout conversation every time a new order is placed in Skubana!

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't create conversations from pre-existing Skubana orders.

How this Skubana-Help Scout integration works.

  1. A new order is created in Skubana.
  2. Zapier creates a new Help Scout conversation.

Apps involved

  • Skubana
  • Help Scout
Create Help Scout conversations for new Skubana orders
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Skubana is a cloud based, all-in-one operations software to handle and automate order management, inventory, analytics, POs, & accounting.

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Help Scout is the ideal small business help desk. You can deliver great email support and get setup in minutes, without any of the typical help desk complexities.

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