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Google SheetsCreate Spreadsheet Row

Want detailed info on your calls automatically saved to a spreadsheet? This Twilio-Google Sheets integration will let you keep detailed records of your Twilio phone calls—including the numbers called, their location, and how long you talked—by triggering with every new call on Twilio and sending the information over to Google Sheets as a new row for later reference.

How it Works

  1. A call is logged on Twilio
  2. Zapier automatically creates a new row on Google Sheets

What You Need

  1. A Twilio account with an activated phone number
  2. A Google Docs spreadsheet

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When this happens...
then do this!
New Spreadsheet Row

Triggered when a new row is added to the bottom of a spreadsheet.

Create Worksheet

Create a blank worksheet with a title. Optionally, provide headers.

New or Updated Spreadsheet Row

Triggered when a new row is added or modified in a spreadsheet.

Create Spreadsheet Row

Create a new row in a specific spreadsheet.

New Recording

Triggered when a new recording is available on your account.

Update Spreadsheet Row

Update a row in a specific spreadsheet.

New Transcription

Triggered when a new transcription is available on your account.

Call Phone

Call a number or numbers and say a message.

New Call

Triggered when a call is finished on your Twilio number.

Send SMS

Send a SMS to a number or numbers.

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