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  • How to Get Started with Google Docs on Zapier
  • Popular Things To Do With Google Docs
  • Common Problems with Google Docs

How to Get Started with Google Docs on Zapier

To get started with Google Docs, first click to add a Google Docs account in your Zap.

Click to add a different account

Next, you'll name this Google Docs account. Note: This name is only for identifying the account inside Zapier, it will not automatically try to add a specific Google Docs account.

Name the Google Docs account inside Zapier

You should then get a pop-up window from Google Docs asking you to log-in to authorize the connection between that Google Docs account and Zapier.

Login to authorize your Google Docs account

If you are already logged in to your Google account on your browser, you will be asked to accept Zapier.
Accept access to Zapier on Google Docs

Your Google Docs account is authorized

Popular Things To Do With Google Docs

  • Save Typeform form entries to Google Docs

    Typeform + Google Docs

    Try It
  • Create new Google Docs text files from new rows in Google Sheets

    Google Sheets + Google Docs

  • Copy file to Dropbox or create a text file for each new Google Document

    Google Docs + Dropbox

  • Create Trello cards from new Google Docs documents

    Google Docs + Trello

  • Create text files in Google Docs for new Gmail emails that match a search

    Gmail + Google Docs

  • Save Google Docs documents to Onedrive

    Google Docs + OneDrive

Common Problems with Google Docs

My settings in Google Docs are not being respected when using the Create Document actions

The Google Docs API does not respect any settings you have configured in the Google Docs app settings in regards to defaults for documents created by Zapier.

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