Google Calendar

How to Use Google Calendar: 8 Tutorials

Read content specific to Google Calendar. Discover how to get started, browse popular zaps, solve common problems, and more.

Ever wish Google Calendar came with a bulit-in to do list app? Good news: Google Tasks is available in the Google Calendar sidebar, meaning you can add tasks from inside Google Calendar. You can also see your tasks, right there in your calendar. One Confusing Point: Tasks Are Not more
Google Calendar reminders aren't like other appointments. They're sticky. Add a regular appointment for today at noon, and that event can pass, meaning you'll forget about it. Add a Reminder, and it will stick around on your calendar until you mark it as done. Think of more
A good calendar is at the heart of any productivity strategy, but it's only useful if all of your appointments are there. You need everything available at a glance so you can plan your time. So here's how to add events to Google Calendar from all of more
You can share any of your Google Calendars with any other Google Calendar user. This is really handy for collaborating, whether you're coordinating to plan an event or just want somewhere to put shared appointments. Here's how to share a calendar, and how to see calendars others more

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