Send emails through Gmail for hot new Reddit posts

Want to let others know of great stories on Reddit, or perhaps keep an email archive for yourself? Either way, we recommend you try this Zap. After a quick configuration, any new hot posts on the Reddit subreddit you choose will trigger the automation, sending an email through your Gmail account with all the data you define, to as many recipients as you wish. Stay alert and up to date without wasting your precious time!

How It Works

  1. A new hot post is detected in a subreddit on Reddit
  2. Zapier automatically sends an email on Gmail

What You Need

  • Reddit account
  • Gmail account
Send emails through Gmail for hot new Reddit posts
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Reddit, stylized as reddit, is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts.

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Gmail is a free advertising-supported email service provided by Google. It's one of the most popular email services in the world.

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