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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated August 11, 2017
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Collaboration takes people, meeting in person, over the phone, or chatting online. Remote teams don't have the luxury of meeting in person—and even when you're in the same building, you can't talk to just anyone in your company whenever you need. Calls work, but they interrupt the work day, forcing everyone to drop what they're doing and talk. And team chat has the bad habit of distracting you all day with push notifications and yet another GIF.

RingCentral is one of the more popular business phone solutions, designed to help companies stay in touch and collaborate. And so it's no surprise that Glip, their team chat app, is built around the same principles. It's a place to quickly chat online in text first and foremost—but with RingCentral-powered voice and video calls built in, too. Whenever you need, you can jump on a call with your teammates, sharing your screen or showing an idea that's hard to describe in text. You can even call other people in your team from RingCentral's apps, using their Glip account name. Then you can go back to text chat for everything else, when you don't need an answer so quickly.

The core team chat tools work well, too. You can organize your company into teams, each with their own chat rooms for smaller teams or projects. You can like others posts, reply to them directly, and share attachments and GIFs to get your points across. Glip makes it easy to keep up with those attachments by keeping every link and file shared in the sidebar for each access, so you'll never have to go searching for the file a colleague shared yesterday. And if you need to just talk to one person, there's direct messaging built in, too.

Then, the + icon on the left of the chat box hides Glip's productivity tools. Click that to add a new task, note, or calendar event to your chat—or use the keyboard shortcuts to add them in a tap. Tasks and events let you set due dates and assign them to team members, or even make recurring tasks to remind you of regular things that need done right from your chat. Notes give you even more flexability, with a full-screen writing app where you can share formatted, longform ideas and documents with your team, and comment on other people's notes for quick collaboration. And when you share files and need to update something, just upload the new version of the file and Glip will keep track of the changes.

You can easily keep up with everything you have to do from your chat dashboard, which shows your assigned tasks and events along with notifications from your chat messages. Then, the team Tasks, Calendar, and Notes pages let you see the whole company's agenda and check back on older notes to learn from your colleagues. It's the communication, project, and documentation tools your company needs to work together.

If you're already using RingCentral for your team's phone, Glip makes a great addition and simplifies calling your team members. Or just as a standalone chat tool, Glip helps your team stay in touch and turn your ideas into tasks you'll actually remember to complete.

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Glip Features

  • Talk to your team anytime in team chat room or RingCentral-powered audio and video calls
  • Create tasks, events, and notes directly from your conversations
  • View all shared files and links in the chat sidebar
  • See your personal tasks and events from your dashboard, and see company tasks and events from those pages
  • Share files with version control
  • Connect your chat to RingCentral phone systems for a quick way to call your team
  • iOS and Android apps available

Glip Pricing

  • Free for unlimited users, posts, and integrations, with 500 shared minutes of video chat
  • $5/month per user Basic plan for unlimited posts, 1,000 minutes of video chat per month, and premium support
  • $10/month per user Pro plan for unlimited posts, 3k minutes of video chat per month per user, data retention and compliance policies, and priority support

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