Send RingCentral SMS messages to Glip

Keeping note of incoming communications is a great way to stay on top of everything you need to with your customers. Let automation take care of that for you, and make note of incoming SMS communications in your team chat app!

How It Works

  1. You have an incoming SMS in RingCentral
  2. Zapier posts a message to Glip

What You Need

  • RingCentral account
  • Glip account
Send RingCentral SMS messages to Glip
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RingCentral provides cloud-based communication system to modern businesses of all sizes. The system enables companies with voice, SMS, video, Fax, and team collaboration services on all major desktop and mobile platforms. All devices, services, and users can be managed through our PBX and administrative capability designed for Enterprise IT.

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Real-time messaging with integrated task management, video conferencing, shared calendars and more.

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