Post new Slack messages to Glip

Slack is great for internal communication, but what if part of your team uses Glip? Zapier can be the answer, linking the two so you can use the chat app you prefer and still get every message you need. Zapier can monitor your Slack account and post every message from a specific channel to your Glip account automatically.

After this integration is set up, new Slack messages created from that point forward will be posted as new messages in a Glip account.

Note: By default, this integration will run every time a message is posted to the Slack channel you selected. Once you've created the Zap, you can open it on your Zapier Dashboard and add a custom filter to only watch specific keywords for new messages.

How It Works

  1. A new message is posted to a Slack channel
  2. Zapier posts that message to Glip as a new post

What You Need

  • A Slack account
  • A Glip account
Post new Slack messages to Glip
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