Send GitHub issues to Visual Studio Online as work items

Having trouble keeping the development on GitHub and Visual Studio Online organized? If you set up this GitHub Visual Studio Online integration, we'll take care of some of it for you by creating a work item on Visual Studio every time a new issue is added on GitHub. No more missed bugs or time wasted trying to make sure both lists match from then on!

How It Works

  1. An issue is created on GitHub
  2. Zapier automatically creates a Visual Studio Online work item

What You Need

  • GitHub account
  • Visual Studio Online account
Send GitHub issues to Visual Studio Online as work items
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GitHub is the perfect place to share code and work collaboratively on private and open source software.

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Visual Studio Team Services is where teams manage, develop, and deliver software in the cloud. Visual Studio Team Services provides free, private Git project hosting for up to 5 users, project and test management tools, build and CI, and team collaboration. Connect using the development tools of your choice, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, and more.

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