Freedcamp Integrations

  • Create Freedcamp tasks from new Typeform entries

    If you're collecting data via form software like Typeform, often you want to create follow-up items. This Typeform-Freedcamp integration automatically creates new tasks in Freedcamp when someone completes your Typeform form.

    How It Works

    1. Someone fills out your Typeform form
    2. Zapier creates a Freedcamp task for you

    What You Need

    • Typeform account
    • Freedcamp account
  • Create Freedcamp tasks from new Gmail emails

    Keeping up with emails you need to take an action on can be difficult, but by labeling an email with a specific label, you can create a brand new Freedcamp task for follow up later. After you set this integration up, Zapier will automatically create tasks in Freedcamp for you when you apply a certain label (which you choose) to an email thread in Gmail. Any replies to the thread will not generate new tasks (so long as they are grouped together inside Gmail).

    How It Works

    1. Choose which Gmail label you want Zapier to watch for new email threads.
    2. When Zapier finds one, it'll send it over to Freedcamp project and task list you choose, as a new task - title, description, attachments and all!

    What You Need

    • Gmail account with a label you plan to use
    • Freedcamp account with a project and task list name for your new tasks
  • Create Freedcamp tasks weekly at scheduled time

    Never forget those weekly repetitive tasks! Use this integration to automatically create a new Task in Freedcamp every week, at a time of your choosing.

    How It Works

    1. Choose a day and time to create a Freedcamp task weekly
    2. Zapier creates the Freedcamp task for you each week

    What You Need

    • Schedule by Zapier
    • Freedcamp account
  • Create Freedcamp tasks from Google Forms responses

    When someone fills out your form, many times there will be tasks associated with that. Don't create those tasks manually in your to-do app every single time, let automation handle that for you! Whenever you receive a Google Forms response, Zapier will create a Freedcamp task for you.

    How this Google Forms-Trello integration works

    1. You have a new Google Forms response
    2. Zapier creates a new card

    Apps involved

    • Google account and a Google Form
    • Freedcamp account and a project you can create tasks in
  • Save new Freedcamp task comments as Google Sheets rows

    Keep track of your Freedcamp task activities in a Google Sheets spreadsheet for easier reference for what's happening in projects. This Freedcamp Google Sheets integration makes it a breeze to save new Freedcamp task's comment to a new row in a Google Spreadsheet.

    How It Works

    1. A new task's comment is posted in Freedcamp.
    2. Zapier adds a new row to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    What You Need

    • Google Docs account
    • Freedcamp account
  • Create Freedcamp tasks from new GitHub issues

    Automate your workflow with this GitHub to Freedcamp Zapier integration. After you set it up, Zapier automatically creates a Freedcamp task for each GitHub issue that is opened on a chosen repository.

    How it works

    1. A new issue is created in your chosen GitHub repository
    2. Zapier creates a Freedcamp task on your chosen board with the issue details

    What You Need

    • GitHub account with a repository you wish to monitor
    • Freedcamp account with a project you can create tasks in
  • Get Slack notifications for Freedcamp tasks assigned to you

    If you want to keep a close eye on Freedcamp tasks assigned to you, use this Freedcamp Slack integration! Now, you can get Freedcamp task assignment notifications in Slack.

    How It Works

    1. A Freedcamp task is assigned to you
    2. Zapier posts the details of the Freedcamp task in Slack

    What You Need

    • Slack account
    • Freedcamp account
  • Create Freedcamp tasks from new starred Slack messages

    Slack is where your team doles out tasks. Freedcamp is where you manage them. To create new task in Freedcamp right from Slack, use this integration and next time you star a message a Freedcamp task will be created.

    How It Works

    1. You star a message in Slack
    2. Zapier creates a Freedcamp task using the Slack message text and link to a message

    What You Need

    • Slack account
    • Freedcamp account
  • Create Freedcamp tasks from new JIRA issues

    Do you have issues in JIRA that you would like to send to your Freedcamp task list? Zapier can help! Connect JIRA to Freedcamp and automatically create brand new Freedcamp tasks for you from any JIRA issue you'd like.

    How it works

    1. A new JIRA issue is created
    2. Zapier automatically creates a Freedcamp task with that information

    What you'll need

    • A JIRA account, 6.x or above
    • A Freedcamp account
  • Forward new emails to create Freedcamp tasks

    Your inbox needs a swift hand and quick decisions to stay under control. Zapier can help you stay focused with this Email-Freedcamp integration. Once it's active, forward any emails you want to the provided Zapier mail address and we'll take over, automatically creating a new task with the email's information each time.

    How It Works

    1. A new email is received by Zapier
    2. Zapier automatically creates a new task on Freedcamp

    What You Need

    • Freedcamp account

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Freedcamp Integration Details

Launched on Zapier March 28, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "Task Assigned to Me") and Actions (like "Create Task") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Freedcamp Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create Task

Creates a new task in a task list.

Create Project

Creates a new project in a project group.

Add Comment

Creates a new comment for a task.

Task Assigned to Me

Triggers when a new or existing task is assigned to you.

New Comment

Triggers when a comment is added to a task you are subscribed on.

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