Update Firebase records with Twilio SMS text messages

Use Zapier to automatically update your Firebase application records with Twilio SMS text messages. Include the Firebase application path to a child record in your Twilio SMS and Zapier can update the child record with data from the SMS.

Once you set up this integration, new Twilio SMS messages received from that point forward are individually processed as updates to the associated Firebase application record.

How It Works

  1. A new Twilio SMS text message is received
  2. Zapier uses the message data to update a record in your Firebase application

What You Need

  • A Twilio account
  • A Firebase application
Update Firebase records with Twilio SMS text messages
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An easy tool for developers to send and receive SMS and voice calls.

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Firebase is a real-time data persistence layer, which stores data and also pushes updates to any client listening on the updated records, scaling to hundreds of thousands of users automagically.

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