Save new WP All Export Pro export files to Dropbox

Backups are supposed to save recovery time, not interrupt your workflow. Zapier can take care of your cloud storage needs behind the scenes with this WP All Export Pro-Dropbox integration. Once active, every time you export a new file through WordPress it will also be sent to Dropbox automatically, placing it in folder you indicate so you never have to wonder where to find your orders, customer lists, or any other site data.

How It Works

  1. WP All Export Pro exports a new file
  2. Zapier automation saves the file to Dropbox

What You Need

  • WordPress site with WP All Export Pro
  • Dropbox account
Save new WP All Export Pro export files to Dropbox
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WP All Export turns your WordPress data into a fully customizable CSV or XML file. Edit exported WordPress posts and re-import them with WP All Import, easily migrate WooCommerce products from one site to another, and send your WordPress CSV exports anywhere you like. WP All Export makes WordPress exports easy.

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Dropbox lets you store your files online, sync them to all your devices, and share them easily. Get started for free, then upgrade for more space and security features.

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