Save new Visage graphics to Dropbox

Dropbox is your go-to for all your files. Now with this Zap you can get your graphics from Visage to Dropbox with ease. Never worry about downloading, then uploading graphics again.

How this Visage-Dropbox integration works

  1. You send a graphic in Visage via the "Share" screen.
  2. Zapier uploads the Visage graphic to Dropbox.

Apps Involved

  • Visage
  • Dropbox
Save new Visage graphics to Dropbox
Visage integration logo

For content marketers who need to create a lot of visual content, Visage is a design tool that makes on-brand content creation simple. Unlike working with slow and expensive vendors, Visage makes beautiful content creation easy.

Dropbox integration logo

Dropbox lets you store your files online, sync them to all your devices, and share them easily. Get started for free, then upgrade for more space and security features.

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