Create ConnectWise Manage tickets from new SurveyMonkey responses

Influence how customers talk about their experiences with your services, before they start talking about it. After you setup this Zap all new survey responses that meet your criteria will be created as ConnectWise Manage tickets so you can respond quickly to any issues that may have occurred. That's an easy way to put your survey data to work for your business.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import already registered survey responses from SurveyMonkey, only new responses after you've set it up.

How this SurveyMonkey-ConnectWise Manage integration works

  1. A new survey response is added in SurveyMonkey
  2. Zapier creates a ticket in ConnectWise Manage

Apps involved

  • SurveyMonkey
  • ConnectWise Manage
Create ConnectWise Manage tickets from new SurveyMonkey responses
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SurveyMonkey is the easiest way to create surveys and get answers. SurveyMonkey lets you whip up a survey quickly and get targeted answers from the audience you want to ask.

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ConnectWise Manage is a business management platform designed to successfully run and grow your technology business.

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