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  • Transform incorrect dates or convert between other data types.

  • Use custom regular expressions to extract extra data like emails or tracking numbers from large text blobs.

  • Make an extra API call to a different service with requests without building a full dev app.

  • Augment data from a trigger with extra data from some other source (either generated or external API).

  • Anything else you can dream up!

Warning - this is advanced stuff! You probably need to be a programmer to use this - though you are welcome to play with it. Technical support for bugs in your code is not provided!

How does it work?

The environments are vanilla Node.js v8.10.0 which runs JavaScript or vanilla Python 2.7.10. Your script is sandboxed and can only run for a limited amount of time and within a limited amount of memory. If you exceed those limits - your script will be killed (you can upgrade to a paid Zapier to increase your limits).

Since the amount of data that might feed into your script might be large or highly dynamic - you'll need to define an input mapping via our GUI. This is a really simple step - the screenshot below shows a very basic example:



Running your zap via the dashboard is the canonical way to confirm the behavior you expect - your Task History will have all relevant details around the ran code's inputData, output and logs. The test step in the editor can be used for a tighter feedback loop.

Try asking for help by tagging questions as Zapier on Stackoverflow!

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