Save new Ziggeo videos to Box

Does your workflow require you to get every video to your Box account for your team internal review, or marketing team to use in ads, and you do not want them to touch live videos? This Ziggeo-Box automation will do just that for you! Each time a new video is recorded or uploaded to your Ziggeo account, this automation will copy the file from Ziggeo servers and send it your way to your Box drive and anyone you have shared the access to the same folder.

How this Ziggeo-Box integration works

  1. New video is transcoded on Ziggeo servers (and is available for playback and download)
  2. Zapier copies the file to your Box account.

Apps involved

  • Ziggeo
  • Box
Save new Ziggeo videos to Box
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Ziggeo is an award-winning cloud-based service for in-browser/in-app video recording, playback, transcoding, storage & video management.

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Box lets you keep all your businesses files in one place for simple online collaboration.

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