Create Salesforce contacts from new Bigcommerce orders

Need to focus your sales efforts and stop wasting time? Try this Bigcommerce-Salesforce integration to target those customer follow-ups effortlessly. Set it up and a new contact will be added to Salesforce for every new order created on Bigcommerce. No more wasted opportunities or lost relationships!

How It Works

  1. A new order is placed on Bigcommerce
  2. Zapier automatically adds a contact to Salesforce

What You Need

  • Bigcommerce account
  • Salesforce account
Create Salesforce contacts from new Bigcommerce orders
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BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides an all-encompassing solution for a business' online store. If you're trying to sell physical goods online, you'll want to check out Bigcommerce.

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Salesforce is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application.

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