Add Agile CRM contacts from Gravity Forms

Collect contact information without the hassle when you use the Gravity Forms to Agile CRM automation. With this automation, Zapier will create new contacts in Agile CRM from your Gravity Forms submissions. Now it's even easier to manage your customer relationships!

How It Works

  1. Receive a new submission in Gravity Forms
  2. Zapier creates a new contact in Agile CRM

What You Need

  • Gravity Forms account
  • Agile CRM account
Add Agile CRM contacts from Gravity Forms
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Gravity Forms is a premier WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create powerful forms on the fly.

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Agile CRM offers contact management, marketing automation, telephony, analytics, web engagement, real-time alerts and social suite. Track, nurture, and sell like a pro.

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