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What is Zap sharing?

Zap sharing is a simple way to share a copy of your favorite automated workflow with colleagues, clients, or your friends and followers. Shared Zaps are easy to set up, so the person you share with can start automating away their busywork in just a few minutes!

Zap sharing

How does it work?

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Share easily

Just open the Zap you want to share and hit the Share button! Add a name and description to explain what it should be used for or what it does.


Share where you want

Copy the link and share it anywhere you want—like in an email, a social media post, or your team’s chat app.

Choose account

Share safely

Anyone who clicks the link will be able to create a copy of your Zap, minus any sensitive information or app authorizations.

What can you do with Zap sharing?

Here are a few ideas.

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“We work with one type of client, and they often ask us to help them streamline similar processes. Shared Zaps allow my team to create automated workflows that eliminate busywork for our clients and boost their productivity—without starting from scratch every time.”

Chris Ross

CEO, Eight Digit Media