How RevOps can use automation to align GTM teams

RevOps teams are charged with aligning Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to create a seamless customer experience—and staying on top of this to-do list is a near-impossible task.

Join the Zapier RevOps team to learn how they leverage automation to create a smooth go-to-market experience for their internal teams, and how that translates to a better customer experience.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

How to align your GTM team

Explore best practices and workflows to keep Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success aligned.

Tips for a smooth customer experience

Discover how internal team alignment leads to a better customer experience.

Zapier team Q&A

Get all of your burning questions answered by members of the Zapier RevOps team.


Lena Yue

Lena Yue

Manager, Marketing Operations

Nalin Vahil

Nalin Vahil

Head of Sales & Customer Success

Lindsay Rothlisberger

Lindsay Rothlisberger

Director, Revenue Operations