The Building Blocks of Zapier: Triggers, Actions, and Zaps

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The Building Blocks of Zapier: Triggers, Actions, and Zaps

Zapier members can create automations between more than 400 apps by using Triggers and Actions. Each Trigger and Action combo makes a Zap. (And if you aren't a member yet, no worries: you can sign up here).

What's a Zap?

When you get a new Twitter follower → log that follower in an Evernote note (enable images to see this screenshot)

Zaps are automations created using one Trigger and one Action. You can use Zaps to connect any two Zapier-supported apps to each other.

Let’s use Twitter and Evernote as an example: You can create a Zap that triggers when you get a new Twitter follower, triggering Zapier to add that follower to an Evernote note.

Want to follow along? Click to open a blank Zap in a new tab.

What's a Trigger?

Track new Twitter followers with Zapier (enable images to see this screenshot)

A Trigger is any event that sets your Zap in motion. Some examples of Triggers include a new favorited Tweet on Twitter, a new email in Gmail, or a new note in Evernote.

What's an Action?

Automatically create new Evernote notes with Zapier (enable images to see this screenshot)

An Action is an event that's completed in a second app automatically. Some examples of Actions include appending text to a note in Evernote, adding a new spreadsheet row in a Google Doc, or creating a new card in Trello.

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Zapier supports more than 400 apps, so the combinations are endless. Ready to build your own Zap? Try one of these combinations, or click the button below to give it a shot.

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