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By Matthew Guay - Published May 10, 2017 -

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Now that you've set up your company's G Suite account, it's time to get back to your normal work, and let Google take care of everything else.

But you might want to do a bit more. Google offers a wide range of resources to help you manage your G Suite account and get the most out of it. So, if you find yourself stuck, or just want to poke around and learn as much about G Suite as you can, here are some of the best free resources to continue learning:

The G Suite Learning Center

G Suite Learning Center

Can't find the right setting in G Suite Admin? Need help with your billing, or finding the right plan for your team? Google's G Suite Learning Center is the first place to go. It includes guides to switching from Microsoft Office to G Suite, tutorials on the latest new features in G Suite, and help documents about common problems. Then, to get inspired about new things you can do in G Suite, check out the G Suite Tips Library with quick ideas of ways you can get more done in G Suite.

Get Certified as a G Suite Admin

G Suite Certification

Now that you've set up your company's G Suite account, put your newfound skills to work and become certified G Suite Administrator. Google offers a free course on managing G Suite, with quizzes you'll easily pass after reading this book and setting up your account. Then, for $100, you can take an online certification exam, and include your G Suite skills in your resume.

Then, there are a number of resources from the Zapier team to help you get more out of G Suite and your other apps:

Automate G Suite

Gmail Integrations

Your shiny new G Suite account can help you work even more productively with automated Zapier workflows that can organize your files, send emails on a schedule, remind you of upcoming appointments, share new documents with your team, and much more. Zapier includes integrations with a dozen Google apps—here are some of the best to help you get started:

Be sure to check out Zapier's Getting Started Guide to help you set up your first workflows.

Sign Into All Your Google Accounts Together

Multiple Accounts

Now that you have a new G Suite account, odds are you have at least two Google accounts: Your @gmail.com personal account and your new G Suite account with your company's domain. You don't have to only use one account, though. Here's how to login to all of your Google accounts together and quickly switch between them whenever you need.

Find Insights from Your Google Files

Google Explore

The next time you're making a report or digging into data, you might not have to do all the work yourself. Instead, tap the Explore button on the bottom right of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and Google can automatically find insights from your data, build graphs, find the perfect layout for your text, and show related documents from your library. Here's more about Google Explore, and how you can use Google's AI to work faster.

Keep Your Google Drive Organized

Organize files and folders

Want to make it easier to find files without searching for them? Check out our guide on How to Organize Files and Folders to keep your Google Drive and other file storage accounts neat and tidy. It'll walk you through the best practices to build nested folders and workflows to organize your files.

Back up All Your Files

back up your computer

You'll also want to make sure you have a backup of all your other files—not just the stuff in G Suite. In our backup guide, you'll learn how to export all of your files from the most popular web apps and file sync tools, then find the best apps to create a full online backup of everything from your apps and devices.

Learn Everything about Google Sheets

Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets

One of the most feature-packed in G Suite, Google Sheets is the spreadsheet app you should know inside out. It's similar to other spreadsheet apps like Excel, with many of the same functions. Then, it adds in online-only features including tools to pull in live stock prices, form results, Google Analytics data, and much more.

In our Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets, you'll go from zero to spreadsheet hero in no time. Whether you're a spreadsheet beginner or want to take your skills to the next level, it's a great place to start.

Learn how to Build an Online Store

Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Software

Wanting to start an eCommerce site for your business? Now that you've got a G Suite account for your team, it's time to set up the other services you need to run your business effectively. Our Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Software might be just what you need.

It walks you through the basics of picking a domain name and starting a store, helps you pick the best eCommerce platform and payment processing system, and shares workflows from other teams to help you run your store efficiently. It's the guide you need to take your business online.

Or, check out the other books in the Zapier Learning Center for quick ways to learn about email marketing, CRMs, remote work, and much more.

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