Everything you need to set up and administer Google's apps for your business

Your business needs professional email, with your .com at the end of your addresses. That doesn't mean you need to run a server or hire an IT team to manage your email.

All you need is a G Suite account, which for $5/month per user will give you the business versions of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and every other app in the Google suite. It's the tools you already know and love, with extra features for your business to manage team accounts together.

In just under an hour, this book will teach you everything you need to set up and manage your company's new G Suite account. Read it, set up your account at the same time, and tomorrow your team will have shiny new G Suite accounts to keep all of your company's work in one place.

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Table of Contents

  1. An Intro to G Suite
  2. Set Up Your G Suite Team Account
  3. Import Your Team's Data Into G Suite
  4. Add Company Email Signatures, Document Templates, Event Calendars, and More to G Suite
  5. Build a Team Intranet in Google Sites
  6. Find Files, Emails, Contact Info, and More in G Suite
  7. G Suite Resources

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Written by Matthew Guay

Original cover artwork by Weston Thayer


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