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There's too much happening to keep up with it all. It's hard enough to stay abreast of the latest happenings in your community and industry. Trying to know what's happening around the world each day is like drinking from a firehose. You'd have no time for anything else.

You can't automate that away—there's no way to automatically make sure you know what's happening. But you can simplify things with some Zaps that will route the most important news to your favorite apps for an easy way to stay updated.

It all starts with RSS—or Really Simple Syndication—feeds. You'll find them on most blogs and websites, as a simple way to subscribe to the site and get notified whenever they post something new. That'll still be overwhelming if you subscribe to too many sites, but these Zapier workflows can help you put the most important news in the apps where you're most likely to read them.

Get New Posts in Your Favorite Apps

You could use a news app to read your favorite sites' latest articles, and that's a great option when you have time to flip through today's headlines. But for the most important updates, you need to know as soon as something new is published. You can't afford to miss it.

So let Zapier watch your RSS feeds for you. With these Zaps, you can add your very most important RSS feeds to a Zap, and have their latest posts shared on Slack, emailed to you, sent via a push notification or SMS, or logged to a spreadsheet. You'll never miss an important update again.

Save Items to Read Later

Longer, more thoughtful articles take more time to digest, perhaps before bed on a tablet or on a weekend morning. But you'll see the headline today and forget it far before you have time to read it.

That's where read-it-later apps are perfect. They save your articles until you have time to read them, without all the distracting ads and menus that might keep you from focusing if reading online. These Zaps will automatically save the best articles to your favorite reading app so you'll always have something great to read whenever you have time for some deeper reflection.

Take Action on Updates

RSS can be a great way to keep up to date on the latest developments in your industry, things that just might mean new work for your team. When those important updates come in, Zapier can turn them into tasks or projects automatically so you'll never forget to follow up.

Share Your Favorite Articles

The best articles need shared—yet another thing that will take up time. It doesn't have to, though. Once you've finished your weekly reading, Zapier can grab the best articles and share them for you. It can even start new draft blog posts so you can add your thoughts without having to copy and paste anything.

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