Archiving and Backing Up Your Work

By Zapier

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Whether you're doing research, data analysis, or just need things kept on hand for later reference archiving and backing up your work is a smart idea.

This set of Zaps will give you a framework for saving the most important things in your work and in your life.

Archive Anything to Evernote

Evernote is the perfect place to archive data. Notes are easily organized via tagging and notebooks and Evernote has a great built in search. That's why lots of people choose to use Zaps like the RSS feed archive in Evernote to save anything to Evernote.

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Archive Data for Analysis to Google Spreadsheet

Another fan favorite is to save data to a Google Spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are great because it's easy to store data in a structured format and then do some sort of data analysis on the result. Your results can easily be shared via a csv with just about anyone too.

For instance, you could easily save your (or anyones) Tweets to a spreadsheet row and easily run some sort of analysis on your tweeting.

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Appending to a Text File

Text files are great because they are easily manipulated, easily shared and accessible offline. Any text editor or word processing tool can handle a text file. And any data analyst, programmer, or a regular old joe can work with a text file to do interesting things.

A simple Zap could save all of your Asana tasks straight to a text file so that you could have access to your tasks at any time.

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