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If you're anything like me, file management is a bear. Your desktop is littered with random files and without a good file search you'd be lost.

File managent isn't fun. It's tedious, boring, and frustrating when you don't have the file you want, when you need it. It gets even harder when you are sharing files across a team or a department.

This set of Zaps can help you nip file management in the bud by automating some of the nastier parts.

Save Email Attachments to Cloud Storage

It's almost always easier to just auto save attachments to Box than it is to download the file from email and then upload again to your Box account.

This Zap easily saves any email attachment to Box. And you can use filters and labels to make sure only certain attachments are saved.

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Swap File Storage Provider

Sometimes you just prefer your files in a certain place. Maybe it's Dropbox or Box or Google Drive. But it's easier for the person you are collaborating with to share the file in a different location.

Zaps like this Drive to Dropbox Zap make it easy to get files to your preferred storage space without the download/upload song and dance.

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Collect Files from Anyone

Collecting files is not easy. Especially if you want to get files from leads or clients without giving them access to your cloud storage provider. Luckily, a service like Wufoo makes this really easy.

You can setup a simple Wufoo form with a file upload field. And then use a Wufoo to Dropbox Zap to send those files to your Dropbox account.

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Generate New Folders for New Clients

A pretty common task is to have a folder created for each client so that you can save files to that clients specific folder. With this Freshbooks to Dropbox Zap you can automatically create a new Dropbox folder for each new Freshbooks client.

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