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Data privacy at Zapier

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Zapier is committed to protecting your data and privacy rights. This page provides information about Zapier’s data privacy practices and the choices that you have regarding the data processed by Zapier when you use your Zapier account.

Privacy Compliance at Zapier

Zapier has ongoing processes to ensure the protection of your data and privacy rights:

Legal Review

Zapier works with legal and other professional counsel to understand its role under both current and proposed data privacy laws and regulations. Zapier regularly reviews and periodically updates its Privacy Policy, Data Processing Addendum, and Terms of Service to ensure ongoing compliance.

Internal Data Audits

Zapier periodically reviews the types of the data that it collects, the reasons for collecting that data, and when Zapier personnel might need to access it.

Vendor Audits

Zapier audits its vendors, both at the time of onboarding and thereafter, to ensure that they adhere to data privacy laws/regulations and sign all relevant Data Processing Addendums.


Zapier documents pertinent changes in its privacy compliance practices. Customer and partner notification occurs via email, this webpage, and the updates blog. Zapier also maintains a Data Privacy & Security FAQ page that may be useful to review.

Ongoing Process Changes

Zapier continues to refine processes for how it performs customer support, builds products, and handles data, This includes internal documentation, training, and other processes.

Customer Data

For Zap Content (content transferred in and out of Zaps in your Zapier account), you, the customer, are considered the “data controller” of that data from a privacy perspective.

In turn, Zapier is the “data processor” responsible for safeguarding Zap Content as it flows through Zapier’s systems. Zapier’s security measures are described in Zapier’s Security and Compliance page.

As data controller, you are responsible for safeguarding Zap Content as you interact directly with services integrated with Zapier. You should configure your Zaps and integrations to not trigger or work with users' data without proper consent.

Read more about your role and Zapier’s role in privacy compliance.

Data Processing Addendum

Because Zapier’s Terms of Service incorporates a Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”), you do not need to sign a separate copy. This DPA (and the accompanying Standard Contractual Clauses) contain legal terms that apply to personal information that may be contained in customer data.

If you need a standalone copy of Zapier’s DPA for your records or other compliance purposes, you can:

  • Download a PDF copy of the DPA. Do not sign or return this copy to Zapier.
  • Generate an electronically signed copy of the DPA. You will receive two emails, both from HelloSign (noreply@mail.hellosign.com):
    • The first will be a request to sign with the subject: “Signature requested”
    • Once you sign and agree to the DPA terms, you will receive a second email with the subject: “You just signed” that contains a fully signed PDF copy of the DPA.
    • If you have any trouble receiving these messages, check your spam folder, wait at least five minutes for each email to arrive, and ensure you clicked the final “Agree” button after signing in HelloSign.

Data Retention/Deletion

Below is information on Zapier’s data retention/deletion practices (last updated: September 30, 2021):

Storage locationRetention period
Zap content (content transferred in and out of your Zaps)USA- 7 days in logs.
- 29-69 days in your Zapier account. If you subscribe to the Company plan, you can set a shorter retention period in your Zapier account.
- Up to 4 months in backup.
- Zap Content transferred when you test a Zap is stored until you delete the Zap. Once you have deleted the Zap, the Zap Content will then be subject to the other retention periods above.
Zap history (metadata about the Zap, like the name of the Zap, dates and times of the Zap run, and the Zap status)USA- 7 days in logs.
- 29-69 days in your Zapier account. If you subscribe to the Company plan, you can set a shorter retention period in your Zapier account.
- Up to 4 months in backup.
- Zap History is stored in Zapier’s non-production database for internal Zapier product analytics purposes.

Deletion & Export Options

Deletion options
These options describe how to manually delete data from your account. Otherwise, data is deleted from logs and backups based on the standard retention periods described above.

Export options
These options describe how to manually export data from your account.


Zapier engages with subprocesses to provide services to customers. This includes both third-party companies and Zapier affiliates. These subprocessors may receive access to customer data and may assist Zapier with processing it (last updated: January 25, 2022):

Third-Party Subprocessors

NameNature of ProcessingSecurity and Privacy InformationLocation
Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS)Third party hosting providerhttps://aws.amazon.com/security/, https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/data-privacy-faq/?nc=sn&loc=4USA
CloudAMQPProcessing event-based workflows used by Zapier Serviceshttps://www.cloudamqp.com/legal/security_and_compliance.html, https://www.cloudamqp.com/legal/privacy_policy.htmlUSA
DataDogApplication performance monitoring, infrastructure and network monitoring, and error capturinghttps://www.datadoghq.com/security/USA
FullStoryAnalytics to improve Zapier Serviceshttps://help.fullstory.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020624254-Security-OverviewUSA
GraylogProduction logs for support services and log managementhttps://www.graylog.org/privacy-policyUSA
Help ScoutCustomer service platform used for technical support ticket managementhttps://www.helpscout.com/company/legal/security/, https://www.helpscout.com/company/legal/gdpr/USA
HerokuDeployment and management of Zapier Serviceshttps://www.salesforce.com/company/privacy/USA
HubSpotMarketing automation platform. Email delivery services for communications to Zapier usershttps://www.hubspot.com/securityUSA
IterableMarketing automation platform. Email delivery services for communications to Zapier usershttps://iterable.com/trust/iterable-security-compliance/USA
LookerBusiness intelligence software used to analyze Zapier Services usagehttps://looker.com/product/securityUSA
SentryDebugging and support tool used for error reportinghttps://sentry.io/security/, https://sentry.io/privacy/USA
VitallyCustomer success health scoring, and user engagement/usage toolhttps://www.vitally.io/privacy-policyUSA
ZendeskCustomer service platform used for technical support ticket managementhttps://www.zendesk.com/product/zendesk-security/, https://www.zendesk.com/company/agreements-and-terms/privacy-policy/USA

Affiliate Subprocessors

NameService(s) ProvidedLocation
Zapier Australia Pty Ltd.Zapier Services and SupportAustralia
Zapier Automation Inc.Zapier Services and SupportCanada
Zapier UK Ltd.Zapier Services and SupportUK

Service-Specific Subprocessors

Zapier works with third parties (Service-Specific Subprocessors) to provide customer-requested functionality within its services. When customers request the relevant functionality, these subprocessors access their customer data. Their use is limited to the indicated services:

NameNature of Processing (Supported Zapier Service(s))Security and Privacy InformationLocation
Bow Tie Bots LLCProvider of customer-requested Expert services to Zapier customers.https://connex.digital/privacy-policy/USA
Connex DigitalProvider of customer-requested Expert services to Zapier customers.https://connex.digital/privacy-policy/USA, Czech Republic
GetUWiredProvider of customer-requested Expert services to Zapier customers.https://www.getuwired.com/privacy-policy/USA
Google TranslateLanguage translations of customer queries (Translate by Zapier)https://policies.google.com/privacyUSA
The JoinaryProvider of customer-requested Expert services to Zapier customers.https://www.thejoinary.com/privacy-policyAustralia
MailgunEmail sending capabilities per customer queries (Email by Zapier)https://www.mailgun.com/security-privacy/, https://www.mailgun.com/privacy-policy/USA
TwilioSMS sending capabilities per customer queries (SMS by Zapier)https://www.twilio.com/security, https://www.twilio.com/legal/privacyUSA

Updates to Subprocessors

As Zapier’s business continues to grow and evolve, these subprocessors may change. Sign up to receive email notifications about future updates to these lists.

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