Build conditional workflows with Paths

Visualize your most complex workflows. Zapier lets you add multiple outcomes to one Zap for automation that scales.

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Paths by Zapier

Add custom logic

Paths let your apps take different actions based on conditions you choose. Think of Paths as if/then logic: if "A" happens in your first app, then do this, but if "B" happens, do something else—and so on.

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custom logic

Paths are simple to set up

No need to duplicate your Zaps or write any code. You can use Paths to add flexibility to your workflows and make work easier with automation.

Add a path step

Use Paths to route data from one app to multiple scenarios. After you set up your trigger app, select Paths from the list of built-in tools.

add a path step

Set conditions

For each path, you can set the rules for what's allowed to pass through. Add as many rules as you want.

set conditions

Add more paths

Add more paths to create more routes. Each path leads to a different outcome, making your Zap more powerful.

add more paths

"Paths let me create Zaps that are more than one-dimensional. Multiple outcomes mean you can be more flexible with your business logic."

– AK, Senior Sales Engineer at Mixpanel

Zapier and Mixpanel

What can you use Paths for?

Paths are the easiest way to build flexible automation that scales with you.

Send automated messages that matter

Send automated messages that matter

Engage customers by sending them personalized messages when their status changes in your CRM.

Give leads the white-glove treatment

Give leads the white-glove treatment

Collecting leads in a form? Route your most qualified prospects to your sales team's inbox and add the rest to an email campaign.

Improve customer support

Improve customer support

Speed up your response times. Assign new tickets to different teams based on priority.

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