New App: Create, Manage, Share, and Archive Digital Assets with Widen Collective

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / October 18, 2016

Content powers your brand—but that doesn't mean you need to spend all your time managing it.

Widen Collective provides digital asset management tools to drive your marketing and business workflows. With the platform, all your critical images, videos, and files are stored in one place on a secure cloud-based media library. From there they can be published to websites, social media, and via email, their reception analyzed and tracked. This creates a seamless bridge between your content creators that need to review and organize material, consumers that search for and share it, and provides a constant overview on their performance for your organization.

How Widen Collective Works With Zapier


  • Upload Asset: Uploads an asset from a file or URL

Automation Inspiration

Get started with these sample Zaps:

Upload Assets From Cloud Storage

Auto-Capture Notes, Attachments, Web Content, And More

How To Automate Widen Collective With Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Widen Collective account, and make sure you have a Zapier account

  2. Try some pre-made Widen Collective integrations and learn more about how Widen works with Zapier

  3. Check out our Widen Collective help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

  4. Or login and build a custom workflow with Widen Collective and Zapier