Run Zaps from Anywhere with Zapier's New Chrome Extension

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / October 6, 2016

Zapier connects your favorite apps and does work automatically for you. Whenever you make a new sale, close a deal, get a new subscriber, and so much more, Zapier can start workflows from those items and send welcome emails, start projects, crunch stats, and anything else you need done.

That's perfect most of the time—but what about the times when you need to do repetitive tasks but there's no app to start the automation? Perhaps you want to log your work time, add a phone number from a sign to your address book, or copy text from an app that doesn't connect with Zapier yet?

The new Zapier Chrome Extension along with the new Push by Zapier app let you do just that. Just build a Zap and install the extension, and you can just push a button to start your workflows.

To use this integration, first install the Zapier extension in Google Chrome. Click the button below, then click the blue + Add to Chrome button and add the extension to your browser.

Download the Zapier Extension on the Chrome Web Store

Then, create a new Zap using the Push for Zapier app, and you can watch for a new button click or text input from the extension. Add any extra steps you want, and you can start workflows just by clicking a button in Chrome.

Or, with just a bit of setup, you could even use an Amazon Dash with Push by Zapier to have a real button you can push to start workflows.

Push by Zapier Automation Inspiration

Need to start a timer, create a project, send a message, run a meeting, increment a counter, or do any other repetitive task? Push with the Zapier Chrome Extension is perfect for that.

Here are some great ways to get started using it:

How To Start Zapier Workflows from Chrome with Push by Zapier

  1. Install the new Zapier extension in Google Chrome, and sign up for a Zapier account if you don't have one already.
  2. Try some pre-made Push by Zapier integrations and learn more about how Push workflows work in Zapier.
  3. Open your Zapier account and build a workflow with Push by Zapier, connect it to the app you want to automate, then push the button in the Zapier Chrome extension to start the workflow.
  4. Or check out our Push and extension help documentation for more details if you need help.